Funerals are tragic, sad and heartbreaking. In this hard time, a person is unable to manage all the services and take care of the remains of their loved ones. The expenses on funeral are also not pocket-friendly and can cost too much. That’s why Gold Coast cremation cost manages funeral services in the central coast and promises to beat any quote that you will receive from another cremation service. You don’t have to pay more than you get and the services will follow simplicity funeral guidelines. If you are not satisfied with services, Central Coast funerals will refund the professional fees. The funeral director also offers tailor-made services and burial services at additional costs.

Packages details:

 Basic package

The basic funeral package costs $3,695 for Brisbane pet cremation cost. This is the most affordable package from the company. The package comes with no funeral service. The package offers cremation with no family or friends present. The deceased will be collected and the ashes will be provided back to you. Here are the inclusions of this basic package:

  • The only cremation included
  • Transfer of deceased
  • Cremation preparation
  • The death certificate and legal proceedings
  • Economy coffin

·         Affordable package:

This package includes cremation service with flowers and a ceremony with friends and family to attend. The ceremony can be arranged at home too. The cremation can also be attended by family and friends, the ashes will be delivered to the respective person. The cost of this package is $5,695. Here are the inclusions of the affordable package:

  • All funeral director services
  • The ceremony for family and friends
  • All documents for legal purposes including the death certificate
  • Vega coffin
  • 24-hour support by the company
  • Audiovisual equipment for services

·         Respectful package

This package at Gold Coast cremation includes cremation service, the ceremony for friends and family with all-inclusive packages. The ceremony will be held at the location of your choice. The ashes will be provided to the family after the cremation and ceremony. The cost of this package is $6,995. Here are the inclusions:

  • All funeral director services
  • Location of your choice for the ceremony
  • All legal documents including the death certificate
  • Memorial book for the ceremony
  • Balmoral coffin
  • Flowers to value the funeral
  • Online memorial and funeral notice
  • 24-hour support by the funeral director
  • Silver stretch hearse
  • Cremation with family and friends